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Ezetimibe ( ez-ET-i-mibe)

Ezetimibe ( ez-ET-i-mibe) | CAS- 163222-33-1Ezetimibe ( ez-ET-i-mibe) | CAS- 163222-33-1

Ezetimibe ( ez-ET-i-mibe)

A medication called ezetimibe is used to decrease cholesterol in those with high blood cholesterol levels. Ezetimibe reduces the quantity of cholesterol your body absorbs from your intestines in order to perform. A fatty buildup in your blood vessels brought on by high cholesterol might raise your risk of heart disease.

Patients who are unable to regulate their cholesterol levels by diet and exercise alone are prescribed ezetimibe.

If you suffer from moderate to severe liver disease, you shouldn’t use ezetimibe. If you have active liver disease, are pregnant, or are nursing a child, you should not take this medication together with a “statin” cholesterol medication.

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Generic Name :Ezetimibe ( ez-ET-i-mibe)
CAS Number :163222-33-1
Grade :BP / USP
Packing Type :Drum
Therapeutic use :Antilipemic Agents
Product MOQ :1-kg

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