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Benfotiamine - CAS- 22457-89-2Benfotiamine - CAS- 22457-89-2


Benfotiamine is a thioester that is produced via acylative cleavage of the thiazole ring and O-phosphorylation and is a synthetic counterpart of thiamine. It functions as a provitamin B1, antioxidant, immunological adjuvant, nutraceutical, and protective agent. It is an organic phosphate, a thioester, a formamide, and an aminopyrimidine. It originates with thiamine(1+). Thiamine (vitamin B1) is comparable to benfotiamine (vitamin B1), however, benfotiamine is more readily absorbed by the body. Benfotiamine is converted to thiamine by the body.
Benfotiamine can increase the body’s level of thiamine because it is more readily absorbed by the body than thiamine. This could aid in preventing or treating specific ailments or symptoms brought on by low thiamine levels. Some plants, like garlic and onions, can produce benfotiamine. Additionally, a lab can create it. Benfotiamine is used to treat diabetic nerve injury. Additionally, it is used to treat arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and other illnesses, but the majority of these applications lack strong scientific backing.


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Generic Name :Benfotiamine
CAS Number :22457-89-2
Grade :IP/BP/USP
Packing Type :Drum
Therapeutic use :Diabetic Neuropathy / Dietary Supplement
Product MOQ :1 kg

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