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Bupivacaine API

Bupivacaine API | CAS-38396-39-3Bupivacaine API | CAS-38396-39-3

Bupivacaine API

Bupivacaine is a local (applied to a single region) anaesthetic (numbing medication).

Bupivacaine is injected into the spinal column as part of a treatment known as an epidural to numb the area during delivery, surgery, or other medical operations.

Additionally, bupivacaine is employed as a dental anaesthetic.

Some epidural anaesthetics can affect some bodily functions permanently or for an extended period of time, including sexual function, bowel and bladder control, and movement or sensation in your legs or feet. Discuss your unique risk of nerve injury from bupivacaine with your doctor.

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Generic Name :Bupivacaine API
CAS Number :38396-39-3
Grade :IP / BP / USP
Packing Type :Drum
Therapeutic use :anesthetic
Product MOQ :1-kg

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