14th, September 2022
Welcome To Salvavidas Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Leading Pharma Export Companies in India. One of the leading pharmaceutical exporters in India is Salvavidas Pharma Pvt. Ltd., which produces drugs for industry leaders including Mankin Pharmaceutical, Indswift Pharmaceutical, Rodec Pharmaceutical, Novo Pharmaceuticals, etc. We manufacture branded and generic medications that are available in a range of dosage formats. […]
13th, September 2022
Pharmaceutical Export Companies in India Pharmaceutical manufacturing and supplying in India | Pharmaceutical exports from India | and a list of Indian pharmaceutical suppliers and exporters. Among the many Indian pharmaceutical export companies in India, Salvavidas Pharma is the best. We are the most reputable and trustworthy pharmaceutical export firms in India, and we offer […]
12th, September 2022
Capecitabine Capecitabine is a cancer treatment that is used to treat breast, colon, and rectal cancer. It works by slowing or stopping cancer cell growth. Use of Capecitabine Before you begin taking capecitabine, and each time you get a refill, read the Patient Information Leaflet if it is available from your pharmacist. If you have […]

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