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Sterile Noradrenaline concentrate BP

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Sterile Noradrenaline concentrate BP

Salvavidas Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier and exporter of Sterile Noradrenaline concentrate BP.

How does the Sterile Noradrenaline concentrate BP work?

What if you forget to take Tranexamic Acid Tablets BP 500 mg?

Your doctor or nurse will prescribe this medicine. Do not manage yourself.

Special precautions for storage

Store below 30°.

Sterile Noradrenaline concentrate BP is used to treat low blood pressure (hypotension), which can be caused by sepsis (infection) and other causes. It raises blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels of the heart. It can be used to resuscitate patients in cardiac arrest

For the treatment of allergic diseases Betamethasone tablets 0.5m is used to treat a variety of inflammatory and allergic diseases, including arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, and conditions affecting the skin, blood, eyes, lungs, stomach, and nervous system. It works by lowering the immune system's response to these conditions and preventing the release of substances that cause inflammation in the body.It helps relieve symptoms such as swelling, pain, itching and other allergic reactions. If you are not sure why you are taking this medicine, talk to your doctor. This medicine is given by mouth (by mouth). It should always be taken exactly as prescribed. Do not stop taking without your doctor's advice. This can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This drug weakens the immune system, so avoid being near sick or infectious people.

Your doctor or nurse will prescribe this medicine. Do not manage yourself.

Generic Name :Sterile Noradrenaline concentrate BP
Brand Name :Noradine
Packing :Ampoule
Pack Insert/ Leaflet :Yes
Therapeutic use :Gastroenterology Products
Productions Capacity :1 million/month

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