Pharmaceutical Exporter India

The top pharmaceutical export company in India is Salvavidas Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. We have extensive knowledge and competence in the export of pharmaceutical products from India to more than 60 nations worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Exporter India

Pharmaceutical Exporter India

Salvavidas pharmaceutical Pvt.Ltd is particular about the quality of the medications and formulations it produces. In addition to selling our medicines in India, we also have a reliable international market. We are particular about the quality of our pharmaceutical exports from India. These pharmaceuticals are in the form of pills, capsules, injections, syrups, ointments, powders, or other forms but always contain an active ingredient. We take precautions at every stage of the formulation processing since we must adhere to international standards.

Our medicines are reliable, efficient, and affordable as a supplier of pharmaceutical products with a distinguished international reputation. We purchase raw ingredients from dependable suppliers, conduct careful quality checks, and test them for efficacy in order to achieve these features. Physical, chemical, and biochemical testing must be performed in order to determine the products’ acceptance on a global scale as well as their suitability for patients. Our products are put through several testing to see whether our compositions are acceptable.

Physical examinations confirm a specific medicinal product’s density, color, mass, shape, stress, and melting and freezing temperatures. Chemical tests examine a product’s solubility, pH level, and response to other inorganic and organic materials. We also run biochemical studies on our formulations. Such studies include tests for allergies, medication interactions, and enzyme reactions. All of our merchandise are subject to these inspections because they must always meet certain standards. The exact appearance and functionality of any product of a certain category are carefully maintained. We split up our tests into three parts in order to maintain the highest standards of quality. Our pharmaceutical products intended for export comply with the highest levels of stability in terms of climatic and environmental conditions after the third or final round of testing. The three categories of our formulations for international markets are oral, topical, and injectable.

Capsules, tablets, powders, granules, and syrups are examples of oral formulations. The edible gelatin coating on capsules degrades slowly over time. An active medication, disintegrators, fillers, lubricants, and binders are all combined to make a tablet. Surprisingly, only 5–10% of the entire mass of the pharmaceutical product is made up of the active substance. Topical medications can be found as gel, cream, ointment, paste, powder, or gel. Actually, the paste is just a specific ratio of water, powder, and oil. The ointment is an oil-based medicine that aids in keeping your skin moisturized. A composition known as the cream has water and oil in nearly equal amounts. When in touch with the skin, gel liquefies, which gives it away.

We are picky about our injections because India is a pharmaceutical exporter. These are supplied in intravenous bags, vials, ampoules, syringes, and cartridges. Both liquid and lyophilized versions of these are created. When injection medications’ moisture content is eliminated, they become lyophilized and can be stored for longer periods of time.

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