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1 Apron Hm/Ld Plastic Re-Usable Disposables 1pcs/box
2 Apron Non Woven Disposables 1pcs/box
3 Arm Guard Disposables 25pair/box
4 Bed Cover Non Woven Disposables 1pcs/box
5 Boiler Suit Disposable Disposables 1pcs/box
6 Bouffant Cap Non Woven Disposables 100pcs/box
7 Camera Drap Disposables 1pcs/box
8 C-Arm Cover Disposables 1pcs/box
9 Crepe Bandage Disposables 1pcs
10 Delivery Kit Disposable Disposables 11 contains
11 Disposable Body Cover Disposables 1pcs
12 Disposable Underpad Disposables 1,10 pcs /box
13 Face Mask Non Woven -2Ply Disposables 100pcs/box
14 Face Mask Non Woven -3Ply Disposables 100pcs/box
15 Face Mask-Active Carbon Black Disposables N/A
16 Face Mask-Filter N-95 Type Disposables 1pcs/box
17 Gamjee Roll Disposables 10,15pcs/box
18 H.I.V.Protection Kit Disposables 9 contains
19 Kellys Pad Disposable Disposables 1/25 pcs/box
20 Lab Coat Disposable Disposables 1pcs/box
21 Latex Examination Gloves Disposables 6/24/100 pcs/box
22 Leg Guard Disposables 25pair/box
23 Mother & Child Kit Disposable Disposables 22 contains
24 Personal Protection Kit Disposables N/A
25 Plain Sheet Disposable Disposables 25pcs/box
26 Plain Polythene Drap Sheet Disposables 1pcs/box
27 Plain Polythene Drap Sheet Non Wonen Disposables 1pcs/box
28 Plastic Gloves Disposables 50/100 pcs/box
29 Shoe Cover Disposables 25pair/box
30 Soft Roll Disposables 10,15pcs/box
31 Suit Disposable Disposables N/A
32 Surgeon Cap Non Woven Disposables 100pcs/box
33 Surgeon Kit Disposable Disposables 21 contains
34 Surgeon'S Gown Disposable Disposables 1/25 pcs/box
35 Surgeon'S Gown Disposable (Sms Ind)Ultra So. Disposables 1pcs/box
36 Urine Pot Disposables 1pcs
37 Waste Carry Bag Disposables 1kg Pkt